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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Masterclass/Discussion at South Normal University of Technology School

After our residency in South China Normal University School of Music, we went to another university situated next door called the South Normal University of Technology. Known to be one of the best universities in Guangzhou.

We had a busy day here starting at a Masterclass in the morning, a discussion session with the professors of the university and a recital on the same night.

For the Masterclass, Kent and I taught the students in separate rooms. Kent taking the piano students and myself taking the chamber music ensembles.

The student ensembles played quartets and trios by composers such as Beethoven, Piazzola, Shostakovich, and Lingyi the Violin teacher at the university was there to help out with the translations as they students were not fluent with their English. She also kindly took us around to food places, sight seeing in the university district and the driving in between our hotel and university! The students are all very passionate and I was happy to be able to share my knowledge and experiences as a chamber musician. A great pleasure to work with these talented students in China.

The discussion was something that was not initially planned prior to the trip but we were of course delighted to do it. In the room were professors and head of compositions at the university and we spent some time talking about the works we are performing in the recital that evening as well as some details on contemporary performance techniques on our instruments.

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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Masterclass at South Normal University of Technology School of Arts

VENUE: South Normal University of Technology School of Arts, Guangzhou, China

DATE: 15th of May 2019



The ISOMURA BROTHERS have been invited by the South Normal University of Technology School of Arts as a residency artist and will be holding a masterclass for the students of the university.

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This event is presented in association with the South Normal University of Technology School of Arts, in Guangzhou.



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