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  • Shauno Isomura

IWADARE: Album Recording Session DAY 2


Being able to record 8 pieces out of 13 tracks of the album on the first day. The second day was much more relaxed in terms of the time limit but equally intense work in the studio! We also recorded some of the most Iconic pieces of music by Iwadare on this day and the studio I was in absolute excitement!

Joining us on the second day was my childhood friend and incredible juggler Lisa who took some fantastic photo's and video's for us! It was such a short notice but she was very kind to come along and help us out!

The recording had ended at 3:30pm which was much earlier than we anticipated so we took this opportunity to become tourists with Benyamin, Eric. First stop was the newly relocated GIAPO ice cream bar and then John the engineer took us around to an incredible spot in the Waitakere area where there was black sand, streams, lakes, sand dunes, numerous kinds of birds and a magnificent beach!

The day ended in a dinner in Ken Yakitori Bar then at a small bar located underground. I had a non-alcohol mochtail and it was delicious!

Now that the recording is over, I will be working on the mixing with John, as well as the cover art/manufacture side with the label!! Really looking forward to officially announcing this album later this year!!!

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Noriyuki Iwadare: Violin and Piano Works - Album Recording Session Day 2

VENUE: Kenneth Myer Centre, Auckland, New Zealand

DATE: 13 February 2020

TIME: 10:30am - 3:00pm

PERFORMERS: Shauno Isomura (violin), Benyamin Nuss (piano)

Second recording session of the upcoming album of music by acclaimed japanese video game composer Noriyuki Iwadare,.

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