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'Twelve Doors' Announced


I am absolutely thrilled to finally be able to announce my upcoming album Twelve Doors, recorded with my dear friend and German superstar pianist Benyamin Nuss and to be released from Wayo Records.

Twelve Doors is an album featuring music by video game composer legend Noriyuki Iwadare arranged for violin and piano. It will be released on CD format and 2 disk LP format - both featuring a beautiful cover art illustrated by UK artist George Howlett.

The album features arrangements by renowned composers from the classical, film, and jazz music scene including Michiru Oshima (Hilary Hahn ‘24 Pieces’, Ravel Quartet ‘from Far East’, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra ‘Beyond Point of No Return’, Fullmetal Alchemist, ICO..), Eric Roth (Director, Conductor and Arranger of A New World Intimate music from Final Fantasy, Associate Music Director of Distant Worlds music from Final Fantasy,), Ryotaro Yagi (Arranger of Tokyo Philharmonic, Japan Philharmonic, Symphonic Suite Suikoden) as well as young and emerging composers from Australia, and New Zealand.

I have loved Iwadare's music from a young age and tt is an absolute honour to have been able to work with him on this project right from the beginning.

Preorders have started at Wayo Records Official Website.



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