RECENT Premieres:

YAO CHEN (CHN) - Inquietude, for violin and piano (2011/2019)

for piano & violin W

World Premiere on  9th of May 2019

Renmin University Concert Hall, Beijing, China

Performed during the Isomura Brothers` China Tour.

"For me, music is supreme in its power to make the experiences of life into memorable, transfixing, eternal events.  A composer has the means to instill the specific meaning of a precise moment into his/her music, but at times, details of life may seep their way into the act of composition quietly, even subconsciously.  Within any piece of music, these two paths intersect and develop simultaneously.

Even if I am unsure which path was first in this case, "Inquietude" for violin and piano is a commemoration of a rather poignant time in my life,a time of love, freedom, as well as growth.  The word "inquietude" itself is deeply ingrained in the musical fabrics of the piece, defined through its irregular rhythmic movements, frictions of dissonant narrow intervals and drastic exchanges between different textures, tempi and melodic modes.  Through these intertwined materials, and despite its short duration, the work manages to create a dramatic persona who both refuses to dwell in the present and suffers inquietude from an unknown future.

In this piece, two instruments represent two different times: piano the present and violin the unknown future.  In-between resides a soul in inquietude."  -  Yao Chen

ELENA KATS-CHERNIN (AUS) - Out of the Blue (2018)

for piano & violin N

New Zealand Premiere

Whittaker's Music Museum, Waiheke Island, New Zealand

"Out of the Blue (2018) for Violin and Piano was commissioned in 2018 by
Michelle Belgiorno-Nettis as a gift for her husband Guido's 60th birthday in
tribute to their life together. The piece grew out of a few animated conversations with Michelle, listening to stories about their life together, with me improvising material at the piano in response to those stories.  Michelle felt that the piano part was for her as she played the piano for many years in her youth, and the violin part was for Guido, reflecting his long- standing love of the instrument." 
- Elena Kats-Chernin

XU TANG (CHN) - JI, for violin and piano (2018)

for piano & violin W

World Premiere on 14th of April 2018

Renaiss Hall, Okayama & Casa Mozart, Tokyo - Japan

Written for the Isomura Brothers. Dedicated to the victims of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami.

"The energy of nature is enormous, irresistible, unpredictable. Humankind is insignificant in the face of nature’s unexpected force. When unknown forces come, we feel fear, panic, helplessness. Meantime, another force that is driven by the powerful vitality of nature arises in all things, love and hope take root and burgeon in this force. The two forces interact with each other.


JI 极, means literally: pole, utmost point, extreme. All things in the world have their two sides, or two polarities, such as bright and dark, loose and tight, fast and slow, high and low, positive and negative and so on, forming a very strongly contrasted energy. The two forces I explored in this work follow the concept of bipolarity as the core energy and power of the whole work." - Xu Tang


TOSHIAKI KOMORI (JP) - Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster (2017)

for violin and piano W

New Zealand Premiere on 5th of September 2017

Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Auckland - New Zealand

Dedicated to the victims of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.

"I am thrilled to hear  that the Isomura Brothers will be performing my work, Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster.

In 2011, I originaly composed 'Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster' for pan flute and piano, and was performed in Japan and Switzerland. I have also previously arranged and revised this work for piano solo, also performed in Japan.

Unfortunately I am not able to attend the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour by the Isomura Brothers and hear this work being performed live, but i hope this hearty event will be a great success and I sincerely hope it will become a bridge between New Zealand and Japan" - Toshiaki Komori

TOSHIAKI KOMORI (JP) - Contemplation of Stars (2014)

for solo violin W

World Premiere on 14th of April 2018

Casa Mozart, Tokyo - Japan



2011年の東日本大震災に伴って起きた福島第一原子力発電所事故により、放射能汚染地域に置き去りにされた多くの動物たちが、衰弱し、命を落としていきました。その原因が人間の非合理的な都合によってもたらされた点は、先述した動物実験と共通していると言えます。 ​


今回、Isomura Brothersの東京公演の為に、コンサート用の楽曲として提供させていただくことが出来て感謝しています。" - Toshiaki Komori

LYELL CRESSWELL - Das Lied Von die Fische ( - )

for voice and piano W

New Zealand Premiere on 10th of May 2015

University of Auckland Music Theatre, Auckland- New Zealand

Recorded with by RNZ & NZ On Air with funding of the Resound project at SOUNZ.

YASUSHI AKUTAGAWA (JP) - Ballata per violino e pianoforte (1951)

for violin and piano N

New Zealand Premiere on 5th of September 2017

Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Auckland- New Zealand

Exclusively re-written for the Isomura Brothers & Tsunami Violin Concert Tour

AKIRA IFUKUBE (JP) - Violin Sonata (1985)

for violin and piano N

New Zealand Premiere on 5th of September 2017

Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Auckland - New Zealand

N = NZ Premiere    W = World Premiere

UPCOMING Premieres:

N = NZ Premiere    W = World Premiere

MISSY MAZZOLI (USA) - Lies you can believe in (2006)

for string trio N/W

World Premiere Album Recording on 16-20 of December 2019

Kenneth Myers Centre, New Zealand

New Zealand Premiere on 14th of January 2014

International Akaroa Music Festival, Akaroa, New Zealand

"Lies You Can Believe In, for string trio, was commissioned by Milwaukee-based ensemble Present Music. The "lies" in the title are not untruths, and instead refer to the old-fashioned word for an improvised and embellished story. This type of lie is not malicious; the process of invention and the telling of the tale are ultimately more important than the truth behind the account. In this piece I created my own "lie," an invented and embellished urban folk music. The strings tell an improvisatory tale, touching upon the violence, energy, mania and rare moments of calm one finds in a city. This piece is inspired as much by modern gypsy music, punk, and electronica as it is by traditional Bulgarian and Romanian folk music. Many thanks to Present Music for engendering and inspiring this piece."  - Missy Mazzoli

MISSY MAZZOLI (USA) - Harp & Altar (2009)

for string quartet W

World Premiere Album Recording on 16-20 of December 2019

Kenneth Myers Centre, New Zealand

Commissioned by the Kronos Quartet

"Harp and Altar was commissioned by the Kronos Quartet. At its core, this piece is a love song to the Brooklyn Bridge. The title comes from a poem by Hart Crane, in which he describes the Brooklyn Bridge as "that harp and altar of the Fury fused". The Borough of Brooklyn is impossible to describe, but the Brooklyn Bridge seems to be an apt symbol for its vastness, its strength and its history. Halfway through the work the vocalist Gabriel Kahane's pre-recorded voice enters, singing fragments of these lines from Crane's poem, The Bridge." - Missy Mazzoli

 Through the bound cable strands, the arching path 
 Upward, veering with light, the flight of strings, 
 Taut miles of shuttling moonlight syncopate 
 The whispered rush, telepathy of wires. 

MISSY MAZZOLI (USA) - Quartet for Queen Mab (2015)

for string quartet W

World Premiere Album Recording on 16-20 of December 2019

Kenneth Myers Centre, New Zealand

Commissioned by ETHEL, with support from Foundation for the Arts and Miller Theatre

"Queen Mab is an elusive creature from folklore and literature, a tiny fairy who drives her chariot into the nose of sleeping people. She enters their brains, eliciting dreams of their heart’s desire. This quartet embraces the wildness of Queen Mab’s journey and the dreams that result; Baroque ornaments twist around long legato lines and melodies ricochet between players. The music follows a sort of intuitive dream logic but returns again and again to the opening material, resulting in a sort of insistent, insane ritornello." - Missy Mazzoli

GARETH FARR (NZ) - Title To be Confirmed (2020)

for violin, viola and cello W

World Premiere

Country/Venue to be confirmed

Commissioned by Shauno Isomura with support from CreativeNZ.

KAZUKI TOMITA (JPN) - Scenes from Ivalice (2019)

for violin and piano W

World Premiere

Auckland, New Zealand

Commissioned by Shauno Isomura / In dedication to Vaan and Pennelo

Other Premieres:

MISSY MAZZOLI - Complete String Quartets and Trio (2021)

for string quartet and string trio

World Premiere CD Release

CD Album featuring world premiere album recordings of the complete string quartet and string trio library by American composer Missy Mazzoli.

NORIYUKI IWADARE - Twelve Doors (2020)

for violin and piano

World Premiere CD Release

CD Album featuring world premiere album recordings of exclusively arranged works for violin and piano, based on melodies by video game composer legend, Noriyuki Iwadare.

VARIOUS - Hugh Jackman. The Man. The Music. The Show (2019)

for hugh jackman, show orchestra & dancers

NZ Premiere performance on 6th and 7th September 2019.

with hugh jackman,  tour team,and the show ensemble lead by Shauno Isomura.

VARIOUS - A New World -Intimate Music from FINAL FANTASY (2011)

for chamber ensemble and solo piano

New Zealand Premiere Tour from 9th of November 2018

with pianist Benyamin Nuss, Conductor Eric Roth and Concert Master Shauno Isomura.

Original Music by Uematsu, Sakimoto, Shibata, Hamauzu, Soken.


VARIOUS - FINAL FANTASY for violin and piano (2017)

for violin and piano

World Premiere on 5th of September 2017

Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, NZ

Arranged by Isomura Brothers under permission of ARPA AMCOS and SQUARE ENIX.

Original Music by Uematsu, Sakimoto, Shimomura, Hamauzu

2014 - 2019 © Isomura Brothers & Mazzoli Trio


© Selected Photos on website taken by

Katia Kalyani Photography。

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