ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Workshop/Seminar at South China Normal University School of Arts

June 8, 2019

The next day in Guangzhou we held a Seminar focusing on Contemporary performance techniques on the violin and piano as well as a Workshop with two leading student composers of the University.


In the workshop we performed the two pieces of music by the student composers and shared some ideas with them. One of the composer was a violinist and another a pianist, and it really showed on the music! Some quite challenging passages but we always love challenge! In this workshop we also had a projector following the sheet music as we performed so the audiences were able to understand what was happening which i thought was a wonderful idea!


In the seminar we talked not only about contemporary performance techniques but our thoughts and experiences on chamber music performances. There was also an extensive Q&A section after the seminar which apparently had the one of most number of questions ever asked on their guest artist seminars! Which is great! Hopefully we were able to give them some ideas or influences in their musical life.


After the seminar, along with the university staff and student composers we went for a dinner just off the university island. Not only the venue was beautiful, the food was amazing to say the least!


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ISOMURA BROTHERS China Tour - Workshop/Seminar at South China Normal University School of Music


VENUE:  South China Normal University School of Music, Guangzhou, China

DATE: 14th of May 2019

TIME:  5:30pm - 7:00pm


The ISOMURA BROTHERS have been invited by the South China Normal University of Guangzhou as a residency artist and will holding a recital and seminar/workshop.

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Zhuzhou Peng

the weight of lightness (2019)

YiJin Feng

Breath of Flame (2019)

This event is presented in association with the South China Normal University School of Music, in Guangzhou.

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