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Bonds made of a thousand tones - 'Violin made from the remaining driftwoods of the Japan Tsunami Earthquake 2011.

To be performed in the hands of 1000 violinists around the globe, and finally, arriving for the first time in New Zealand'

News Pick-ups

Project Update

Thank you to everyone

Thank you everyone who came to the Tsunami Violin Concerts! It was an absolute blast for us brothers and the team. We will be updating and uploading Blogs, Photos, Videos of the tour soon! Please do send us photo if you have taken any at the tour, we would love to have them!

Also, please feel free to chat to us on facebook or email! We would love to hear from you .

SOLD OUT Concert at Auckland

The Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber was full-house in tonight's concert! Thank you everyone who came! Such an awesome start to the tour! 

Special Messages!

We have received a special message from Kouhei Takeda (Voice actor of Vaan, the main character from FINAL FANTASY XII), Marina Kozawa (Voice actor of Penelo, one of the main protagonists from FINAL FANTASY XII), Toshiaki Komori (Composer of Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster) 

The Isomura Brothers appeared on RadioNZ Concert Upbeat Concert today talking about the upcoming Tsunami Violin Concert Tour!

Listen HERE

RadioNZ Concert Upbeat

14.09.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - Thank you to everyone

08.09.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - NEW Tour Promotion Video

Special - New Video

05.09.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - SOLD OUT concert at Auckland

News Pick-up! - Special Message from Marina Kozawa


04.09.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - Radio NZ Upbeat

Programme announcement 9 - News,Famously.../Hodo2 (by Shiro Sagisu) performed with permission from APRA.

​プログラム発表 第九弾:News,Famously.../報道2


02.09.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - Special Message from Kohei Takeda

27.08.17 - UPDATE

Music - New Programme Images

25.08.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - Tunes in on RadioNZ Concert

22.08.17 - UPDATE

News Pick-up! - Special Presentation Concert

19.08.17 - UPDATE

Programme announcement 8 - Balatta, for piano and violin (by Yasushi Akutagawa) performed with permission from APRA.

​プログラム発表 第八弾:ヴァイオリンとピアノのためのバラッタ


14.08.17 - UPDATE

Isomura Brothers Interview published on this months

(September Issue) ECUBE magazine.

ECUBE 2017年9月号 に磯村ブラザーズのインタビューが


Magazine Interview

Pick up the latest Issue of the ECUBE magazine to read an Interview on the Tsunami Violin Concert Tour by the Isomura Brothers (In Japanese)

*This is a Charity Concert Series*

Profit made from this concert will go towards the victims of the

Tohoku Earthquake in Japan & the Christchurch Earthquake


The project ~ Bonds made of a thousand tones ~

'The violin symbolizing hope, made from the remaining driftwoods of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami in 2011. To be performed in the hands of 1000 violinists around the globe, and finally, arriving for the first time in New Zealand'

Originally announced as 'Isomura Brothers presents : JAPAN', the project has become a national concert tour in connection with the International Tsunami Violin Project. A world project of  a 'thousand violinists' performing in relay on the special 'Tsunami Violin' made in remembrance of the deceased
and with aspiration of hope to the survivors of the Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami.

About : Tsunami Earthquake & the Violin

​On 11th March 2011, a disastrous earthquake and tsunami hit the Tohoku region in Japan. More than 1,700 people died in Rikuzentakata. But for the survivors, a lone miracle pine stand tall as a symbol of hope and strength and now travels the world as a part of a musical instrument.
The miracle pine known as the "kiseki no ipponmatsu" was the only one that survived the tsunami out of the 70,000 trees that once stood on the coast of Rikuzentakata town. A violin craftsman based in Tokyo, Muneyuki Nakazawa, was granted a special permission to use a small amount of the miracle pine to create the sound post, and driftwood gathered from the coast after the tsunami to make the body of the violin. It was made in remembrance of the deceased and with aspiration of hope to the survivors of the devastating tragedy.

The project named "Sen no neiro de tsunagu kizuna" (Bonds made of a thousand tones) involves a thousand violinists performing in relay on this special instrument. More than 500 violinists has performed on the Tsunami Violin worldwide including Ivry Gitlis (Israel), Gerard Poulet (France), and Emiri Miyamoto (Japan)

Bonds : New Zealand, Japan & the World

The Tsunami Violin not only represents the hope of the survivors of the Japan Earthquake but also the hope of the people who suffered through similar tragedies across the globe such as the Christchurch Earthquake in New Zealand. Christchurch suffered a devastating earthquake on 22nd February 2011, only a few weeks before the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of Japan. Both countries assisted each other  tremendously towards the recovery from the disasters and since then a special bond has been formed between New Zealand and Japan.

The Isomura Brothers have been given the greatest privilege to perform on this special instrument for the first time in New Zealand. The goal of the International Tsunami Violin Project is to pass on the history of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami to the audience through classical music.

Above Logo was designed by Charlotte Vincent for Kenji Azuma’s Not Alone T-shirt fundraising for Christchurch and Tohoku Earthquake in 2011

Tones : Venue & the Music

The Isomura Brothers will be touring three largest cities of New Zealand at celebrated venues such as the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Christchurch Transitional Cathedral and St. Andrew's on the Terrace in Wellington - in the hope to give as many audiences in New Zealand the chance to experience the music made by the Tsunami Violin and to commemorate those who experienced grief in both the Tohoku and Christchurch Earthquake. The programme comprises of multiple New Zealand premier, international premier and tour exclusive arrangements of works by the most significant and influential composers of Japan.  Some of the composers include: Toru Takemitsu, Joe Hisaishi, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Shiro Sagisu, Akira Ifukube, Nobuo Uematsu, Takayuki Hattori, Yoko Shimomura, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masashi Hamauzu, Toshiaki Komori and more...



*All concerts have finished*


Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Queen St, Auckland, 1010


Tsunami Violin concert tour - AUCKLAND

The Auckland Concert has finished. Thank you to everyone who came along!

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St. Andrew's on the Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington, 6011


Tsunami Violin concert tour - WELLINGTON

The Wellington Concert has finished. Thank you to everyone who came along!

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The Transitional Cathedral, Latimer Square, Christchurch


Tsunami Violin concert tour - CHRISTCHURCH

The Christchurch Concert has finished. Thank you to everyone who came along!

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#1 Final Fantasy, for violin & piano -the music from FINAL FANTASY I to XV- 

I. Daichi no Kioku  II. Inorigo no Yume


Final Fantasy is a fantasy video game franchise developed and owned by Square Enix, Japan. The series is known for its deep and engaging story, beautiful visuals, and music, such as the inclusion of full motion videos, photo-realistic character models, and orchestrated music.

Ever since its first appearance in 1987, the series have captured the hearts of people from all over the globe. With more than 130 million units sold world wide, it is one of the best selling video game franchise in history. One of the greatest aspects of the series has been the music. Typically, more than 100 tracks of music are composed for a single game installment - each depicting different locations, story events, characters and and battle themes. The compositions' success has resulted in many side projects based on the music from the series. Notable projects have included live orchestral tours such as the Final Symphony, Distant Worlds, and several re-arrangement compilations including Piano Opera Final Fantasy & Piano Collections being among the best known.

    International PremierE    

#2 Sanadamaru


Sanadamaru is a Japanese television series broadcasted on the NHK channel as its 55th taiga drama. The title is named after Sanada-Maru, which is a fortification defended by Sanada Nobushige - a samurai of the Sengoku era known as the leading general on the defending side of the Siege of Osaka, feared as the 'Crimson Demon of War'. The drama puts its particular focus on Nobushige him self and the history of his clan. The music of the drama was composed by renowned japanese composer Takayuki Hattori, known to be the composer behind HERO, Nodame Cantabile, Shinsengumi!;etc. The original theme was performed for the drama by the NHK Symphony Orchestra and violinist Fumiaki Miura.

     new zealand PremierE     

#3 Hika, for violin and piano


Toru Takemitsu (1930~1996) was a Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory. His music is renowned for its unique sound world which combines elements of traditional Japanese and Western artistry and fusing opposites together such as sound with silence. His influences include Claude Debussy, Olivier Messiaen and Arnold SchoenbergHe composed several hundred independent works of music - November Steps and Requiem for string orchestra being some of his most well-known works. In particular, his Requiem for string orchestra attracted the attention of Igor Stravinsky, leading to several orchestral commissions from across the world and established his reputation as one of the leading 20th-century Japanese composers. Despite his image being a dedicated and serious 'contemporary' music composer, he was also a celebrity cook, a composer for Children's songs, Pop songs, TV-Adverts and was a loving father. In the midst of the 1960's, the Hika for violin and piano was composed. This work was based around the sound materials he presented in his early keyboard work being 'Uninterrupted Rest'(1952), a work in which he composed after a surrealism poem by Shuzo TakiguchiMany elements presented in Hika attempts to blur the sense of rhythmic expectancy of the listener - presenting an improvisational character.

#4 Sonata, for violin and piano

I.Allegro     II.Cantilena Andante     III.Allegro vivace 


Akira Ifukube is one of the most respected composers in Japan, creating more than 300 pieces of music including Symphonies, Concertos, Vocal music, Chamber music and film scores in his career lasting 50 years. Highlights include the Ballata Sinfonica, Sinfonia Tapkaara, Japanese Rhapsody and the film score for the original Godzilla. He known as the master of japanese film music. Being born in the society of the aboriginal Ainu, he listened to their traditional music as a child - greatly influencing his later musical career as a composer.

He was a professor of composition at the Tokyo University of Arts and at the time he started writing film scores, principally for Toho film studios. His film scores quickly gained attention for their inventiveness and richness, incorporating Traditional Ainu and Western music elements. In 1954, Ifukube was assigned to compose music for the science fiction Toho film Godzilla (Gojira), directed by Ishiro Honda - also known world wide as Godzilla, King of the MonstersHe retired in the 1990s, after composing for his last Gojira film, Godzilla vs. Destroyer. Ifukube to this day remains among Japan most respected and widely performed and recorded film composers of all time. Despite his financial success as a film composer, Ifukube's first love had always been his general classical work as a composer and his sonata for violin and piano proves to be a beautiful piece of work. At the time of composition the work was unfortunately lost under the shadow the popularity of his Godzilla works however is recently being re-discovered as a 'hidden gem' of his compositions.

     new zealand PremierE    

#5 Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence


Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence is a 1983 instrumental composed by Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, originally made for the film of the same name. The film featured David Bowie, Tom Conti, Jack Thompson, Takeshi Kitano and Ryuichi Sakamoto himself as one of the lead characters and had a joint production between Japan, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Many scenes of the film were taken in throughout locations in New Zealand including the old Britomart Train station. Sakamoto won the 1983 BAFTA Award for Best Film Music for the film's soundtrack and distinguished him as one of the leading film composers of its time. Sakamoto's musical repertoire spans from orchestral film scores to electronic dance music. His notable film scores include The Revenant, The Last Emperor, The Sheltering Sky, Little Buddha.

   exclusive arrangement   

#6 Path of Wind (from My Neighbor Totoro)


Joe Hisaishi is one of the most successful Japanese composer, conductor and pianist of our time. Perhaps he is most well known for his compositions from the Studio Ghibli animation films directed by Hayao Miyazaki (inlcuding the Academy Award Winning Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke etc.) One of the most iconic films by Studio Ghibli is 'My Neighbour Totoro' (the character Totoro also appears in the beginning of each Studio Ghibli Films with its logo). The film was released in 1988 and features music that now defines Joe Hisaishi's distinct sound world. One of them is 'Path of Wind' which plays an important role in the film between the character Totoro and the two sisters Satsuki and Mei. Apart from his success with Studio Ghibli, other recognition's include his works with film maker 'Beat' Kitano Takeshi, including Sonatine, Dolls and HANA-BI (Winner of the prestigious Golden Lion award at the 54th Venice International Film Festival). 

#7 Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster, for piano & violin


Toshiaki Komori is one of the foremost young composers & pianist of Japan.

His compositions have gained various awards including the Japan Symphony Foundation Composition Prize, Tokyo International Chamber Music Composition Prize, AAC Sounds Performance Prize, Experimental Sounds, Art & Performance Festival Prize.

Multiple works by Komori have been published by Japans renowned music publishers including Ongaku-no-tomo-sha, JFC, Irene and recordings by JFC, JILA, Chap Chap Records. 

Toshiaki Komori has exclusively arranged his Lament to Higashi-Nihon Natural Disaster (2011) for the Isomura Brothers and will be premiered at the Tour.

Official Website:     |     Composer details on PTNA:

     new zealand PremierE    

#8 Balatta, for violin & piano


Japanese composer Yasushi Akutagawa was the son of Ryunosuke Akutagawa, one of Japan's most important authors of the early twentieth century. He studied music in Tokyo and was later a student of Akira IfukubeAkutagawa's music was much more Western in character than that of Ifukube, and he was strongly drawn to the music of the Soviet Union, as exemplified by Shostakovich and ProkofievAkutagawa's work encompassed both programmatic and absolute music, the former including the opera Kurai Kagami (1960) and dozens of film scores, while the latter encompassed symphonies, a concerto for cello, and the Triptyque, Movements for Strings (1953). During the 1950s, Akutagawa also played an important artistic role in the post-World War II reopening of cultural relations between Japan and the rest of the world. His Balatta, for violin & piano is a master piece which uniquely present a traditional Japanese lullaby with a virtuosity and powerful twist. The work has been long lost after his death and was never distributed as a printed sheet music. The music has been revived exclusively in this Tsunami Violin Concert, and performed under the permission of APRA.

    NEW ZEALAND PremierE     

#9 News, Famously.../Hodo2


A short yet powerful work composed by Shiro Sagisu. The work can be heard in the soundtrack of the film Evangelion and Shin Godzilla during the scenes of disastrous events and at times of confusions by the main protagonists. Shiro Sagisu has composed for many internationally acclaimed Japanese anime series and movies such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bleach, Casshern, and Attack on Titan. 

    NEW ZEALAND PremierE     





Supported by the Japanese Society of Auckland and the Japanese Society of Canterbury.

In Conjunction with Classic for Japan Foundation, Tsunami Violin Project, Sojitz Foundation, Nisuikai, ECUBE,, Gekkan NZ, Auckland Live. Music performed under registration and permission of SQUARE ENIX® JP, APRA AMCOS NZ, Warner/Chappell Music Inc, Australia from Warner Music Group. Advertisement cooperation from RadioNZ Concert, Auckland Live, Ticketmaster, eventfinda, Asia New Zealand Foundation, Madman Entertainment NZ, GNC Graphic Novels Cafe, OverloadNZ, SakuraTV Oceania, National Institute of Creative Arts & Industries, University of Auckland School of Music, Victoria University New Zealand School of Music, University of Canterbury School of Music, North Harbour Club, Academy Cinemas, NICE JAPAN, OurAuckland, Torbay News, Music Canterbury. Piako Post, Daruma Sushi-Go-Round, Kazu Restaurant Group, Wellington Japan-New Zealand Joint Ventre School, Canterbury Japanese Supplimentary School. Promotions & Performances held at Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber, Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, St Andrews on the Terrace, Sacred Heart College, Whittaker's Music Museum, Lewis Eady Showroom, Fickling Center - Clef Music Club Inc., Parklane Village, Summerset Karaka, Summerset Manukau, Long Bay College,  St Mathew's Anglican Church, Long Bay Baptist Church. Tickets distributed through Ticketmaster and eventfinda. Special Thanks to Kouhei Takeda, Marina Kozawa, Toshiaki Komori.


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